Kappa Alpha Psi ΚΑΨ 27 oz. SIC Water Bottles

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Nupes and Nupe lovers alike, crossing the sands leaves a thirst. Quench that thirst with libations of choice but do it with a 27 oz. water bottle.

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  • SERIOUSLY STRONG - Made from kitchen grade 18/8 Stainless Steel the 27oz SIC bottle is ready for any adventure
  • SERIOUSLY SWEAT FREE - The double wall construction completely prevents any temperature transfer to the exterior wall therefore eliminating any condensation or change in temperature where you hold your hand. Your SIC bottle will always remain a comfortable temperature for you to hold but your drink inside will be either ice cold or piping hot!
  • Carabiner Lid - The 27oz SIC bottle comes standard with anintegrated carabiner lid. Now you can effortlessly hook your SIC bottle to your backpack or purse.

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