SIC 128 oz (1 Gallon) Jug SERIOUSLY ICE COLD!

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  • The 128oz Jug is triple insulated to keep your beverages ice cold for as long as science will allow. Ideal for party punches at the beach, hydration at sporting events!
    • ULTRA WIDE LID - We designed the lid to be ultra wide to make filling up and cleaning simple.
    • CHUG CAP - The leakproof chug cap makes pouring and drinking your favorite beverage effortless. 
    • SWING HANDLE – Engineered to improve pouring and transporting. 
    • SWEAT FREE – Triple insulated to guarantee maximum temperature retention and condensation free exterior. 
    • MULTI USE – We believe our favorite drinks should be shared with friends. Perfect for coffee, cocktail mixes, beer growler and hydration.