Kappa Alpha Psi ΚΑΨ 15 oz. Polar Camel Insulated Traveler Coffee Mug with Handle and Slider Lid (Personalized Engraving)

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Nupes and Nupe lovers alike, crossing the sands leaves a thirst. Quench that thirst with libations of choice but do it with 15 oz. Polar Camel Mugs.

Laser etched only due to handle. 

No color added. 

Two sided customization. 

These attractive mugs will stand out in any setting because you've personalized it to let all present know what you are and who you are. These mugs have the double-walled vacuum tight technology that allows ice cold drinks to remain ice cold over night or will keep your coffee hot longer than usual.

The variants presented are the more popular designs picked by brothers in more than 100 purchases thus far. But if you have something new you want to try, just let me know. This is your canvas, we just facilitate your art.


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