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Cult Classic Tall Stinky Ashtrays

Cult Classic Tall Stinky Ashtrays

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Custom Tall Stinky Ashtrays - KAΨ

Introducing the Iconic Tall Stinky Ashtrays, crafted for aficionados. These sleek ashtrays offer ample space for your favorite cigars. Personalize it with KAΨ emblems for a touch of fraternity pride

Unique gift idea

Elevate Your Style with Custom Tall Stinky Ashtrays - KAΨ: These personalized ashtrays are the perfect blend of function and fraternity pride. Designed to stand out, they make an excellent gift for any Kappa Alpha Psi member. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful present, these custom ashtrays add a touch of Kappa spirit

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Design your Cult Classic Tall Stinky Ashtrays – Custom Options Available!